What is IP Video Conferencing? 

IP Video conferencing enables users to connect to each other from the comfort of their offices via the Internet or ISDN using an IP/ISDN Bridge, where they can simultaneously have visual and audio communications. Cable & Wireless have been offering such services to its customers using Polycoms’ VSX 7000 video conferencing solution. 

Successful linkups have been established between St Helena and various countries around the world, including USA, Japan, Turkey, UK, Cape Town and Ascension Island. 

Offering such a service is a new milestone for developing modern communications in St Helena as it now enables vital meetings to take place with overseas clients from the comfort of the office without personnel having to leave the island for weeks, due to the only means of travel from St Helena being via ship. 

A number of demonstrations and trials have been conducted over the past three months, and since seeing the benefits two customers have purchased Polycom Equipment from Cable & Wireless and are now able to successfully operate video conferencing from St Helena. The St Helena Government is now able to linkup with the Ascension Island Government.  The New Apostolic Church has been successfully using the kit to participate in services held in congregations all over the world. 

On the 21st May, St Helena’s national day, successful linkups were established with Ascension Island where customers on both Ascension and St Helena could talk to and see family members. A comment from one of the customers who used the service stated “I was really impressed to be able to see and talk to my family with such clarity.  It is truly a remarkable service” 

There are also other potential benefits offered by this service, such as e-learning and telemedicine, which both Prince Andrew School and the Public Health and Social Services Department have expressed interest in. 

Any organisations or individuals interested in establishing video conferencing are invited to contact Cable & Wireless for further information, or to arrange a demonstration. Contact US